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Fossickers Super Probe

For many years Detectorists used Hand Probes to help find their targets location and depth in the soil. Many of these Hand Probes used were various devices like Screw Drivers, Ice Picks, Welding Rods, Nylon Shafts, etc. Some folks would even dig big Plugs with shovels of sorts, then break up these Plugs until they found their target! (Park Keepers love to see that done!! LOL.) In recent times, the handheld Electronic Probe has become the Hand Probe of choice. Even with this recent Electronic Ground Probe advancement, all these devices have some sort of shortcoming.

Enter Fossickers No-Scratch Super Probe, a new idea for Hand Ground Probing that has addressed all the problems of previous devices and will not damage your detected target.

What makes this Probe so Super? It comes with five (5) tough, replaceable plastic tips that won’t ever scratch your targets, a comfortable ball handle that fits in the palm of your hand making it easier to feel your targets, an eight and a half inch sturdy brass shaft will point you to the exact place where your targets are and does not destroy the sod keeping the environment intact and Park Keepers happy!

Fossickers Digging Knife

The Fossickers Digging Knife is a very sturdy tool made to dig into the soft or hard soil and retrieve your detected targets. Made of heavy Stainless Steel and a Hard Wood Handle, the Straight and Serrated Blade is curved to help promote easier soil removal. The knife comes with a leather sheath and a handy garbage bag for scraps.

Products can be purchased separately or as a combo (combo includes digging cloth and screwdriver) and include proper digging technique instructions.

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