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The Recon is our most popular sluice and has revolutionized Placer Mining! It is only 18 inches long, made of tough ABS construction and weighs 2.2 lbs. The Recon is easily capable of processing 4-5 buckets per hour or more (depending on time for classifying material).

Our patented fluid dynamics technology washes material as it enters the trap providing a thorough and complete separation and extraction of heavy materials. It also incorporates a “pass-through” water system that eliminates clogging issues that plague fluid bed systems. Another key feature is the flip-up material tray cover that allows you to visually inspect the trap or easily clean your Recon sluice into a pan and reset it back into the stream in about thirty seconds!

Designed to fit easily into a 5-gallon bucket or small backpack, it is the perfect tool for prospecting new areas, working alone or in a two man team!